Meet the new Qlik Data Catalyst team

mar. 26 février à 23:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

QlikTech Offices 18th Floor
New York
New York

We are going to cover :

-What is Data Catalyst?

-Why should you care?

-How can Data Catalyst help your end users access data?

-What does Qlik integration look like? Here is more info about Qlik Data Catalyst

Onboarding & Registration: Intelligent Data Profiling Ability to profile and register data from any source or location throughout the organization, providing a comprehensive understanding of every data element, with applied pattern matching, rules based metadata enrichment, and auto obfuscation rules to protect sensitive data.

Automated Data Quality

Inspecting, improving and documenting the quality of incoming data through validation, formatting and encryption.

Data Preparation and Publishing

Enriching and transforming data without additional programming, with the ability to publish data to downstream systems and be consumed by a broad base of users, including data scientists, analysts and business intelligence users.

Smart Data Catalog

A searchable data catalog organized with tags, business definitions and data lineage that makes it fast and easy for business users to find, understand and “shop” for data.


QlikTech Offices 18th Floor
New York

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