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Ronkonkoma, NY (Tuesday). Hicksville, NY (Wednesday). Manhattan (Thursday)

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DESCRIPTION Want to learn how to build more wealth through Real Estate Investing and Owning a Business? Want to learn Real Estate Investing by networking with like-minded individuals in your local community? Want to learn how to get out the rat race? If the answer is Yes, come work us! Real Estate Investing is a team sport and best played with like-minded and seasoned investors! Join us for an introductory training from our investing community on what financial freedom truly is and how to leverage our success, resources, and knowledge to get you there faster! Our group focuses on the true principles of wealth building and MEETS WEEKLY to study investing, partner on deals, tour properties, raise money, find off-market properties, create multiple & passive streams of income, and host workshops. You might LOVE our event if you... Want to earn more income outside of a W-2 JOB or Current Retirement.

Need to start, catch up, or secure your retirement and a 401K IS NOT THE ANSWER.

Want to work a business from home and have your time freedom back.

Learn how to invest in Real Estate THE RIGHT WAY.

Truly want financial freedom for yourself & your family? We're NOT open to the public, by INVITATION ONLY! If you'd like to be added as my guest, please text your First & Last Name, Email & Phone Number so we can add you to the guest list and we will send you the address to the number and email provided. Thank you and looking forward to meeting you there.


Ronkonkoma, NY (Tuesday). Hicksville, NY (Wednesday). Manhattan (Thursday)

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