KEN's Kickboxing lesson for beginner by professional@Yoyogi park 代々木公園キックボクシング体験

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dim. 4 août à 02:55 — informations

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Yoyogi Park

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🎥Lesson Videoレッスンの様子

Do you want to start to kick off the exercise for your body in this year? Do you want to be a Stronger ? Are you interesting in Self defence? kickboxing experience at Yoyogi park for beginner 代々木公園の緑の上でキックボクシングを教わろう☆ Welcome to Monthly Kickboxing meetup / This open lesson is organizing for you each only First Sunday. There is private lesson too(Ask me if you want to do more). Pick up point

Location Have you ever been?the Kickboxing lesson that learning from PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER and TEACHER before? Yes you can have a traditional and original kickboxing experience now.We can have a lesson on the Green at yoyogi park thats so comfortable. You can take off your shose if you want. 【Event Schedules of ALLすべてのイベントスケジュール】   Very kindly Teaching lesson Our Kickboxing lesson is supporting your level always. also,teaching in English(also Japanese too).so, Please feel Free to practice and Learn kickboxing skill . Welcome ladies. What You can do by kickboxing skill when you learn the Kickboxing ? ・You can go on a diet as full your body....

・Self defense from the other person in case of emergency situation

・feeling super free

・Make you feel beter than before you start

・making you beautiful body

・You can have a brave in any situation

・You can make a nice muscles

・You can know the unknow world

・You can have a combination skil on Kickboxing

・You can have a basic skil of Kickboxing

※We can make a karte of you to step up the kickboxing level if you can keep continue to practice the Kickboxing lesson . but dont worry if you dont want keep continue .jusy try it one time that's no problem. About Skill for beginner and lesson

・How to stretching on your body

・How to hold the fist for punch

・How to make a pose of fighting

・How to stand and positioning

・How to Punch

・How to kick

・How to defence

・How to recieve

・How to think about Kickboxing

・How to use your body

・How to protect your body

・How to step ⭐︎You can come with your friends also , come by alone ⭐︎


○Meeting at entrance of Yoyogi park of Harajuku station side. Harajiku mon gate of park on 09:45AM -09:55AM

○training experience is for tow hour 10:00-12:15

○price : 1500 yen one person

※no insurances

Welcome ladies.

※Teacher was profecional and 7 years experience. I'm a professional fighter of kickboxing for 8 years .

I'm also teaching kickboxing at my class and my private lesson as over the 12 years. I'm teach you kindly 【Precautions for participation】 【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】

  ※Cancellation Policy

Please send a message to organizer directly after RSVPed if you suddenly cancel. We bring all goods of kickboxing meetup for you. You can not join anymore if you cancel without notice by direct message after you RSVP.

Please send direct message until 10am of 1 night before.

予約後にキャンセルする方は、必ず直接連絡をください予約後は。守れない人は二度と参加できません。直前のキャンセルは不可。前日の午前10時までにメールをください。荷物準備をします。 Discount information

1000Yen discount if you come to Shindaita Station Keio Line and bring goods everything together in the morning. 体験型のイベントです⭐︎

運動をして、体は直ぐに温まります。 空気も良く、芝生の上でやる運動は最高です。女性の方歓迎です。







キックボクシングは12年間教えています。 やさしく教えます。 【参加前の注意事項 必読】 If you want to know private lesson information

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Yoyogi Park

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