確実に仲良くなる🇯🇵日韓交流会🇰🇷 Meet a local and Korean @Akihabara

mer. 6 février à 11:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

HUB Akihabara

Let's talk about your life in Tokyo! We are dying to hear your story!


niond이벤트 첫번째로 한일교류회! 일본인, 한국인 뿐 아니라 다양한 국적의 외국인들이 참가합니다! ☆確実に仲良くなるきっかけを提供するためにniondパーティーは、基本少人数(20人以下)で行います☆ 新しい外国人友達作りをインタナショナルイベント通じて異文化に触れ合うチャンスです☆ 最初は話が通じなくてもいいです!参加する人は外国人のお友達を作りたい人が多く、いろんな国の人と知り合えます!割合は、外国人4:日本人6が平均ですが、主にヨーロッパ人が多いですが、韓国人も増えてきたので、日韓交流会を企画してみました! もちろん、日本語対応可能なスタッフもいるので、まったく英語や韓国語できなくても構いません!ただ異文化を経験したい、外国人に会いたい気持ちだけで十分です☆ ☆ ☆ 参加費はありません☆☆

ご自分の飲み物だけカウンターにて注文するだけです。 □待ち合わせ:19時までにお店に入ってください!いらしたら"ThisGuy"のサインが目印!すぐ見つかります! 遅れた方は、スタップに連絡するか、HUB秋葉原に入って"ThisGuy"を探してください^^ https://goo.gl/maps/RMHMGJ9e8h92 □参加費:無料(ドリンクは各自購入) ☆많이 친해질 계기가 되는 장소가 되었으면 하기때문에 niond 교류회는 20명 이하로만 개최합니다☆ 대규모 파티를 원하시는 분은 안 맞을수도 있습니다 >< niond에서 첫번째로 한일 교류회를 개최합니다. 저도 교류회에 참가하면서 많은 한국분을 만났고 정말 인상 깊었습니다. 그래서 저희도 한 번 한일교류회를 해보면 어떨까? 하고 기획해보았습니다. 여러 한일교류회에 참가해봤는데 저희는 조금 색다르지 않을까 생각됩니다^^ 오시는 분들이 주로 일본에 거주하시는 유럽분들 이라서 일본어 외에 영어나 불어 교류도 될거라 봅니다. 물론, 영어나 일어 전혀 못 하셔도 관계없습니다. (한국인 스탭도 있습니다^^) 거주하시는 분 외에도 그냥 여행 오신 분이나 학생, 그냥 마시고 싶어서 오신분 등등 재미있는 분들이 상당히 많습니다 ㅎㅎ 뭐하냐면 그냥 마시고 재밌게 떠들고 놉니다. ☆ ☆ 참가비는 없습니다☆☆

각자 드링크를 카운터에서 계산하는 형식입니다^^ □장소:19시까지 가게 안으로 들어오시면 됩니다. 오셔서 "ThisGuy" 라는 팻말을 찾아주세요. 늦으신 분은 그냥 들어오시면 됩니다^^

https://goo.gl/maps/RMHMGJ9e8h92 □참가비:무료 Do you have any plan? If you don’t have it, this is the place where you can meet an expat or local. How about grab a beer with Korean? I realized so many Korean expats in Tokyo and It was really fun to have a drink with Korean people. We have tried many events but there had always been a big crowd , which is hard to keep conversations so we decided to build the event where you can talk to each other enough with beer :) We have been living in Tokyo for a long time so we have a lot of stories that we can share for your life in Tokyo. I know you've also been through a lot here, that means we've already been a good friend. So why don't you share your story? Every attendee is dying to hear your story and talk with you. What you have to do is just stop by HUB at Akihabara. We are for sure that We can be good friends. Let's grab a beer :) The location is a cool bar near Akihabara Station, we will gather to have a fun and exciting time while speaking. but if you want a large number of people or a big crowd, our party might not be good for you because we have planned this meetup to make a friend through talking enough each other! The admission fee is completely free, just pay for your drink on your way in. You can enjoy meetup with expats at the same price as going to an ordinary pub. One more thing, Ofc there's also after party when you have a time😆 ✦In order to do efficient conversation, we only a small number of selected people ✦About Attendees✦

A lot of expats have been attended. Mainly, Europeans and few of American, Korean and local Japanese. Our event is organized by expats but everyone can join. If you are a traveler, a Japanese local, you are welcome to make new friends and have a drink with us! ✦How to attend?✦

Simple, just touch join button on here. and get in the bar until 19:00. And find 'This Guy'. You will see who is This Guy immediately😆

If you are running late you can always join us later directly inside the bar! We will have a “ThisGuy” sign so you can recognize us easily. [Attention]

Do NOT accept the persuasion of religion or any network business! [PRACTICAL INFORMATION] Location:HUB Akihabara

3 Kanda Neribeichō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to[masked]

https://goo.gl/maps/WguPa3hCXjJ2 Time:

Feb 6th, Wed

Start 19:00, end 22:00 Meet Up:

Just get in the bar until 19:00, and find a sign ‘ThisGuy’ :)

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Beer-Language-Exchange-party/events/258012936/

HUB Akihabara

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