Sophie Calle, "Exquisite Pain" from the Hara Museum Collection

sam. 26 janvier à 05:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Hara Museum

For this meetup, we will check out works by Sophie Calle from the collection of the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art. "One of France’s most famous conceptual artists, Sophie Calle is largely known for her confessional narrative works. This year, the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art will reprise Calle’s work 'Exquisite Pain', which was originally created for the museum and first exhibited in 1999/2000. The exhibition is divided into two parts and highlights the grief and recovery of a broken heart that Calle personally experienced. The first one presents letters, transcripts of remembered conversations and photographs that relate to the story of the worst day of her life. Part two is the story of her diminishing emotions and gradual recovery, which she achieved by sharing her story and experience with other people." [from Time Out Tokyo ( )] #Location#

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

( ) #Exhibition to see:#

Sophie Calle, “Exquisite Pain” from the Hara Museum Collection #Meeting Time#

01:30PM (13:30) #Meeting Spot#

Around the Takanawa Exit of JR Shinagawa Station #Museum Admission Fee#

¥1,100 #Information about the exhibition# #Chat session after the show#

As usual, let's have a chat session at the end of the event. When we meet up before the exhibition, let's decide where we go after the show.


Hara Museum

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