Living From Your Soul Part I

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Science of Spirituality
Massapequa Park

Chaque semaine les mardi jusqu'au 26 février 2019

Meditation can be the key that unlocks the inner doorway

to a life of deep inner peace. It has been practiced for thousands of

years and is the core practice of all great spiritual and religious traditions.

By learning how to "tap inside," as Emerson put it, each of us can mine

the unlimited wealth lying dormant inside us. In this class we will learn

a simple yet highly e ective method to help still our restless mind,

and achieve a state of inner equipoise. Through the use of inner

remembrance, or "mantra” and absorption or union into the Self

within, we will learn how to enter our own private retreat from the

problems of the world through meditation. Each of us can break

through the illusion of separation to see the inherent

unity of all life.


Science of Spirituality

Santé Bien-être
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