Finding Inner Peace ~ Group Mindfulness Meditation Program

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JMF Coaching
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5 Reasons Why I Meditate 1. I'm a parent

  1. I have stress (see #1)

  2. I have anxiety (again, see #1)

  3. I ruminate (much of the time concerning, well, I’m sure you guessed it, #1)

  4. While I had practiced meditation on and off for many years, it was about 2 years ago that I made the commitment to practice every day. The change that this has made on my life (particularly concerning #1-4 above), has been truly amazing. If you've been interested in learning more about how mindfulness can help relieve stress and anxiety, create more calm in your life, and keep you more focused and present, or just looking for a group to meditate with, join us on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM, Finding Inner Peace. Whether new to meditation or already have a practice, this program is open to all. We begin each session with a discussion that will inspire and enlighten, and finish with a guided practice. We will also discuss easy, practical ways to implement a practice of mindfulness in your life. There is a wonderful energy created when a group of people meditate together! For more information on this class, go to my website Space is limited -- please register to attend!


JMF Coaching
Roslyn Heights

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