MHV: The Top 3 Selling Skills That Guarantee New Clients

lun. 25 mars à 23:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

The Accelerator
New Windsor

People buy from and work with who they know, like and trust. Sales is all about connecting with potential customers and building relationships. So whether you’re selling directly to your clients or looking for a store to carry your products, this workshop is for YOU. Learn how to:

  • Connect with potential customers, clients, and/or store buyers

  • Grab their attention & resonate with them

  • Build trust immediately

  • Effectively start the sales conversation in a way that’s not pushy

  • Handle objections

  • Know exactly what to say so they’ll buy

  • Follow up so opportunities don’t fall through the cracks * Intended for existing business owners who have current sales with their products/services. Cost: $15.00 Save your spot! Register at:


The Accelerator
New Windsor

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