New Jersey Real Estate Network Quarterly Meet-up

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Peoples Capital Group Headquarters
berkeley heights

Tous les 3 mardi du mois

New Jersey Real Estate Network meets quarterly at the PCG Headquarters in Berkeley Heights. Includes 45 min of education, hours of networking, dinner and drinks. This Meetup's Topic: Top 3 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Learn...

  1. The top 3 ways to earn true net profits in RE

  2. The tax consequences of each form of income

  3. Pros and Cons of each form of income

  4. How to take advantage of all 3 forms of income simultaneously

  5. How to keep more and give less to the IRS Click Below to Buy a Ticket: NEW SPEAKER AT THIS EVENT! OWNER OF INVESTORS ARMY ON YOUTUBE > Witness the Million Dollar Deal Tank: Wholesalers/Realtors will present their deals to PCG in front of the crowd. PCG is allocating $1M in purchasing power to invest in your deals! We will review your deals and show you how we do it in front of the entire crowd until we have spent $1M!!! This is NOT your RE investing 101 education, we focus on advanced investment topics and open networking to all! Includes full dinner, networking, and education. Includes hours of networking, Dinner and 30 minutes of education. Meet people who are actually buying real estate on a large scale. Connect with local professionals and learn from experienced real estate investors that are doing deals right here in the north and central Jersey markets. Find out new ways to create bigger profits in real estate and build your business with the single most powerful business tool: Networking! Click Below to Buy a Ticket: $10 if purchased before 12/31

$15 After 12/31 Seating is limited so be sure to reserve your seat today!


Peoples Capital Group Headquarters
berkeley heights

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