Dating secrets to get the guy - PART 1: Attracting The ONE

mar. 22 janvier à 19:00

Le Seventy-five

Hey girl! Do you ever find you never seem to meet any great guys? Do you always seem to get attention from the guys you don’t want? Or even when you do find someone you like, you can’t get them to notice you? Have you ever dated someone you liked, only to find that after a couple of dates they disappear without a trace? Maybe you’re even seeing someone right now, but you just can’t get him to commit to anything more than something casual. If any of this is something that you can relate to, you've come to the right place. If you’re ready to find out the secrets to finding the right guy, and getting him completely DEVOTED to you , then this workshop is something you can’t afford to miss out on. Get your ticket today! ➡ I’m sure by now you’re sick of hearing the same old clichés…

People telling you to “just be yourself”.

People telling you, “it will happen for you when the time is right”. You’re sick of guys feeding you the same old lines as to why they disappeared, or can’t commit. You’re sick of men never living up to your expectations of them.

Or worse, you’ve heard the same excuses so many times that you feel like you don’t even HAVE expectations of them anymore. And I KNOW you’ll be sick of people saying this to you…

“I can’t believe you’re still single!” My guess is that you thought your love life would look differently by this point…

And the only thing worse than that thought is the idea that one year from now it will be the exact same way. Am I right? As much as I don’t want to be right, I’m happy you’re here…

…because I know you’ve landed somewhere that can genuinely change all that. I know you want more form your love life…

EVERY woman does – even if she’s in a relationship – but most women settle… They settle for guys they don’t actually want, or guys who don’t deserve them.

Guys who cheat, guys who lie, guys who don’t treat them with respect.

Or just guys who don’t truly satisfy them. Other women settle for a life of loneliness where they NEVER meet great guys and rarely if ever have relationships. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way! Finding an amazing man, creating UNCONTROLLABLE attraction, and sustaining and amazing long-term relationship is something that ANY woman can do. Sign up today to find out HOW! ➡ * Here is what you will learn: 22/01

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Dating secrets to get the guy - PART 3: First date success guide & biggest mistakes to avoid rigth after!

(event page coming soon!) * 1 Workshop = 22€ (at the door: 25€)

2 Workshops = 40€ (10% DISCOUNT)

3 Workshops = 56€ (15% DISCOUNT) * BONUS: 2 Lucky ladies will WIN a ♥ Cleansing facial + massage! ♥ offered by the lovely Skin & Beauty Expert Josiane Uwitonze

( ) * The question is not if you can afford to join us, the question is whether you can afford to miss out on this! Limited spots available!

Save yours today ;-) ➡ I'll see you on the other side,



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