Woom: Femtech fertility tool - Clelia Morales (Co-fouder & COO)

mer. 30 janvier à 19:30

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https://www.startupgrind.com/events/details/startup-grind-madrid-presents-woom-femtech-fertility-tool-clelia-morales-co-fouder-coo/ For anyone trying to conceive today days, it might be obvious; for those of whom not into the topic: pay attention! there might be an opportunity here.</p>Scholars claim that about 85% of couples will get pregnant in about a year of trying...yes A FULL YEAR...it seems like a long time for the most natural thing to happen. But no worries, companies in the Femtech landscape are here to help (and of course to add value in the process).</p>During the research process you'll find plenty of options, maybe too many, to help you deal with issues from conceiving all the way through giving birth.&nbsp; Targeted vitamins, ovulation &amp; pregnancy tests, basal body temperature thermometers, fertility calendars and many more.</p>Woom, is taking part at the latter: with a well rounded cycle tracking app, an impressive supportive community behind the scenes and a direct link with medical professionals they help you shorten the "trying to get pregnant time" to the bare minimum based on the specifics of your case.&nbsp; Powered by your own data, this € 1.6M seed funded company has helped more than 80 thousand women to conceive.</p>This time, and as our 2.019 first event, we'll host Clelia Morales, Co-Founder and COO of Woom to dive deep into the operational side of this new trend on tech.&nbsp;</p> Agenda

7:30 PM: Registration, Networking & Beers

8:15 PM: Fireside chat + Q&A

9:00 PM: More networking & more beers --- Speaker

Clelia Morales - Woom (Co-founder & COO)

Clelia Morales is Co-founder and COO at Woom, a data driven company that empowers women to understand their body better and faster, in order to help them make better decisions along her reproductive life. Previous to Woom, Clelia was Heading Marketing at eBay for South of Europe. Hosted By

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