Winter Hiking Snow Spikes - HIGHEST PEAK in Madrid - Peñalara 6hrs-MED

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Alright Fam, lets mix it up a bit and try snow hiking through my favourite peak, Peñalara the highest peak in the Comunidad de Madrid. Peñalara is set in the beautiful Sierra de Guadarrama National Park standing at 2,428 m tall. We start at the small town of Puerto de Cotos 1:15 bus ride from Moncloa. The path will take us through the national park past many lagoons and some breathtaking views. Once we summit and take our victory selfie, we will climb along the ridge then back down bringing us closer to the lagoons and back into town completing the circular route for a 18:00 bus back to Madrid ★★★ Details ★★★

WHAT: Peñalara Peak in Sierra de Guadarrama National Park

WHERE: Puerto de Cotos Bus terminal

MEET: Moncloa at 9:10 691 bus gate

WHEN: 02/02/2019

TIME: 09:10 - 19:00


CONTACT: ★★★ Hike ★★★


ASCENT: 662m

DECENT: 662m

TYPE: Loop

LENGTH: 15km

WALK TIME: 5.5 hours ★★★ Price ★★★

Payment Paypal or IBAN


✔Experienced navigator

✔Hike Photographs

✔Good times

✔Great company

✔Snow spikes rental ★★★ How to Get there ★★★

BUS: 691 from Moncloa

FREE with Abono, approx €5 otherwise ★★★ What to Bring ★★★

✔Appropriate footwear, keep the flipflops at home

✔A small backpack for your belongings

✔Water, and lots of it! 2.0L minimum recommended

✔Food and snacks, it's a long day

✔Sunscreen and sunglasses

✔Windbreaker, sweater, expect peak temperatures to be cold AF!

Check it here

✔Friendly attitude ready to make some friends Refund: 100% 7 days before. 50% < 7 days. 0% 24 hours before.


Metro Moncloa

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