Yin Yoga & Inner Dance : A journey into being

sam. 2 février à 17:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Workshop Ooom

We invite you to join us for a loving evening where we will journey inwards to experience the beauty of being. In this meditative evening, we will guide you through different experiences. Ludmila will guide you through Movement and Yin Yoga

Nathania will guide you through Inner Dance Gentle Movement

We will start the evening by coming to your body, your home, via very simple and easy movements. Nothing fancy, no complicated poses, just you moving with your breath. Yin Yoga

From there, you will find stillness by holding different postures on the ground, using props when needed. Yin Yoga will help to unwind your energy body from physical, mental and emotional tension. Allowing yourself to do nothing and start to maybe feel and experience, what lies on the other side of all that doing. Inner Dance

We will continue by going deeper with Inner Dance. A sound & sensory healing journey. A powerful self-inquiry tool. You will stay on your mat, lying down, and through music and intuitive touch, you will be assisted to drop into your own unique soul journey, a space of deep trust and allowing. A different kind of meditation, maybe a new way for you to experience yourself. You won't dance as on the dance floor, is your soul that will dance inside your body. You may or may not move, we will tell you more about it during the session! Closing Meditation

There will be space for grounding and optional sharing at the end of the evening. WHERE

Atelier OOOM

Rue de Bourg 20


60 CHF for the 3h15 minute experience SPACES ARE LIMITED, booking via e-mail is required:

[masked] And if you have any doubts, questions or anything else! Write me an e-mail or send me a private message. Much love,

Nathania & Ludmila

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/mandalayogalausanne/events/257894674/

Workshop Ooom

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