Data Science w/ Python Pandas 101

mer. 16 janvier 2019 à 00:00

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Practical Programming
New York
New York

The main idea of this workshop is to learn how to apply Python libraries Pandas and Matplotlib for the real-world tasks. Join us for our 5 star* rated workshop for $99

RSVP NOW at With this course, you will learn about the tools you need to successfully collect, analyze data and manipulate Data. You will learn all fundamentals to start using Python for Data Science. You will explore the various techniques used in solving complex problems commonly faced in data analysis with Python. Using many of the most fundamental financial tools and algorithms we will cover practical business analytics through examples, going step by step to program them in Python from scratch. Also, we will cover how to use Python Data Analysis libraries and tools, including Matplotlib, NumPy, and Pandas to solve real-world business and financial problems. Who should attend: Anyone who would like to learn how to build financial models from scratch, who is thinking about a new career in the programming field or would like to boost a career with new skill, entrepreneurs who want to build web applications, and everyone who wants to know what practical programming is. You will learn,

  • Python Libraries: Pandas and Matplotlib

  • Data structures - Series, DataFrames and Lists

  • Building DataFrames from scratch

  • Rearranging and reshaping data

  • Manipulating DataFrames with Pandas

  • Importing Data and storing Data in Python

  • Create powerful visualizations with Matplotlib

  • Practice Line plot, Scatter Plot, Histograms and Candlesticks

  • Working with Pandas DataReader

  • Real-life probability theory and statistics examples *Students Reviews on


Practical Programming
New York

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