VortexHealing® Mantra Bath Spa Session w/ Geordie & Carol

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New York
New York

Greetings Dear Friends, The VortexHealing® Mantra Bath Spa Session w/ Geordie Numata & Carol Ribner is scheduled for Tues., Dec.. 11th, 7:15pm - 9 pm EST (New York City time), $25. THIS IS A 75 MIN. DISTANT HEALING ONLY SESSION plus 30 MIN. CONFERENCE CALL before the healing (you can put your pets on the distant list for free). The call is recorded and the download link for the recording is sent to everyone after the session (you don't have to do the call) In this session we'll be using the VortexHealing® LifeForm level mantra transmissions - "....a mixture of Hindu, Tibetan, Kabalistic, Angelic and Thnguu mantras, as well as special Vortex mantras, Divine Truth mantras, and the Merlin mantra, sending different mantras to different systems, according to Merlin’s divine intelligence." (from the VortexHealing® class curriculum page.) We'll channel these mantra energies for healing, nurturing, energizing, releasing blockages, and enhancing function of all aspects - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These mantras also have an awakening / consciousness expanding effect. We will also be using Geordie's Angelic Liquid Light Healing mantras (not a VortexHealing energy) and some of Carol's other VortexHealing® tools from the highest levels of training. And as usual we'll be assisted by the most benevolent, wise, loving and healing Angels, Masters, Ancestor Guides and others.

For more info about these divine energy healing modalities, see my website -


And the VortexHealing® website -

http://www.vortexhealing.com/ Registration Instructions In order to register, you must email me at [masked] stating that you want to be put on the distant healing list and give me your full name as you want it written on the list. If you're putting pets on the list, tell me their name and if they're a dog, cat or whatever. Then you can Paypal me by going to the contact page

( http://www.deerspiritreiki.com/contact ) of my website and clicking on the "Buy Now" button. This will take you to my PayPal page. If you don't have a PayPal account, click on "Pay with debit or credit card" then fill in the fields with your credit or debit card info. When I receive notification of your PayPal payment, I'll put you on the distant healing list and send you the conference call numbers. The conference call will go from 7:15 - 7:45, then we'll end the call and start the healing session which will last for an hour (or 75 min for a Mantra Bath session or 90 min. for a Super Session) How To Get The Most Out Of The Session Participants are encouraged to make a written or mental list of their intentions for the session. What do you want to heal, let go of, bring in or enhance in your life. We don't need to know what your intentions are, we simply channel with the intent to address whatever you want and need. If you don't have specific goals for the session, just ask for "whatever is best for me". During the session, simply lie or sit down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and give the angels permission to help you. Testimonials - "The distance healing was very powerful for me. It provided physical healing for me as well helping me to continue on my spiritual path. I have been stuck at the level of the heart chakra for ever and the healing left me sensing more opening there than I have before. And I had been experiencing sharp pains at that point, which I had gone to the doctor for-I thought I was having heart problems. I have had no pain since Thursday pm! And I feel lighter, freer." M.S. (distant participant in Delaware, USA) "wow. you guys...just WOW!! such a delivery of clarity to me in this one. great calmness to my heart and clarity to my mind. was able to let so much go that the energy leaving my field was palpable. no problem because it was followed by a great wave of love and i am still floating awash in an emotional sea of realizing/manifesting the next leg of the voyage. blessings my beautiful friends." - C.S.J. (distant participant in Texas) See more testimonials on my website - http://www.deerspiritreiki.com/testimonials Love & Gratitude,

Geordie Numata

Angelic Liquid Light Healing Founder

Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

LifeForm Level VortexHealing® Practitioner

Spiritual Life Coach / Astrologer / Tarot

N.A.D.A Certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist

http://www.deerspiritreiki.com Carol Ribner M.A.

Manisfesting Intention Level VortexHealer VortexHealing® is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information on VortexHealing® see http://www.vortexhealing.com

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New York

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