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The Stow Protocol, ConsenSys and The Flatiron School // Access Labs are proud to support the Ethereum Blockchain Devs Study Group. This is a regular gathering for Blockchain Devs of all levels to learn, present, work on in collaboration with one another or on solo projects in this fast-growing field. Our community is a welcoming space where any Ethereum and de-centralized ledger related question is fair game, be it beginner, intermediate, or advanced. ------------------------


🎤 6:30pm - 7:00pm: networking

🎤 7:00pm - 7:20pm: show and tell (workshops, peer lecture, quiz, etc.)

‍🎤 7:20pm - 8:50pm: hacking/coding/open source

🎤 8:50pm - 9:00pm: wrap up Typically we will review Mastering Ethereum, answer questions on Solidity, work on Dapps and review any new resources or show a project. TODAY:

show and tell: Review Mastering Ethereum Ch. 1

show and tell: Sam + Anthony Presentions on what is Plasma?

hacking: Anthony to show PHR project + project walk-ins ------------------------



https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a_xmQYz9_IP34x-vt_oFDxT0gRT-BNXCr7IoQ3NR8Ho/edit?usp=sharing ------------------------


Our goal is to foster a community where attendees can share coding tips, cool blockchain finds or short tutorials, set realistic goals, and encourage one another and create open source Dapps in a collaborative environment. We can’t wait to build a stronger blockchain developer community in New York City! ------------------------


During our coding open source time the Meetup is divided into three levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and planning committee. Think of it as a Montesorri school, self-directed but with structure and ALOT of peer collaboration. Beginners are given a set of collaborative self-guided learning goals. These goals are attainable in the time it takes to complete the meetup and will get your from zero to knowledgeable in 2 hours. Beginners should help each other and if intermediate or advanced are available ask for help. Intermediates are given a set of more advanced learning goals, including testing their knowledge on open-ended open source issues from various projects. The Advanced members will work on open source projects, creating issues, approving pull requests for projects that have been planned for using user-centric design. Those that wish to enter the planning phase of the project can join the planning committee which meets with domain experts to create feasible real world and viable Proof of Concepts technical along with specs of the projects. The purpose of these is to spin out viable open source blockchain applications. Any of the three levels can join the planning committee provided they have technical merit, domain experience or serves as the ​role of questioner/end user: a lay person that asks common sense questions about the project. All projects will be labelled under MIT license. More on that later. Shout out to member Dimitris Kouzis-Loukas for the great idea. ------------------------


  1. Our Slack:

    https://stow-protocol-devs.slack.com ------------------------


  • Bring your laptop and a government-issued ID for getting into the building. ------------------------


Helping to build a de-centralized world via a protocol which enables users to own and manage their data.

Learn more: https://stow-protocol.com ----------------------------


Flatiron School's Access Labs is dedicated toward bringing quality developer education and creating a diverse workforce in New York City. Equity through stellar education is their philosophy and we are proud to be helping with that mission.

See more: https://www.accesslabs.org

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/nyc-blockchain-devs/

WeWork Dumbo Heights

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