Cultivating New Farm Land + Bonfire Grilling

dim. 16 décembre à 01:15

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Rice Field

*There are no limits to attendee numbers for our Tochigi farm events. This will be our last weekend framing event of 2018!

Thank you for everyone who attended / supported our meetup this year! Kokko Farm is onto new endeavours for 2019, and we will be cultivating new farm land with easier access for events. In collaboration with Ikeda Farm, we will be throwing a bonfire grill at the end to celebrate! For this event, we will spend a significant amount of time cultivating an abandoned farmland. After we collect all the weeds, we will create a bonfire with it, and grill some sweet potatoes together. Join us for lunch at the end to reflect the year 2018! -DECEMBER 16th EVENT DAY- 9:15AM - Meet at Fujioka station

(Google maps: )

-Please refer to the options below on how to get to Fujioka station.

We will all walk together from the station to the rice field (5min walk). 9:30AM - Start Farming

*Details to be announced soon 12:30AM - Farming Ends and we start the bonfire! THINGS TO BRING:

-Plenty of water to drink



-Long sleeve shirt and long pants

-Rain boots (or any shoes that are okay to get muddy)

-Hat and sunglasses

-Gardening gloves COST:


Google Map Link of Fujioka Station:

-Fujioka Station is in Tochigi prefecture, and takes about 90mins via train from Shinjuku, Tokyo. 1. CAR - If you would like to head to the rice field directly via car, please PM me by Dec 1st evening and I would be happy to provide a direct address for you. Please feel free to message me if you have any concerns in terms of transportation. *Please come in proper attire and bring the things we list above to assure a pleasant experience. There are lots of insects in the wild, and we will be using a sharp harvesting knife.


Rice Field

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