Casual Chat in Cantonese,JP,EN,CN.For International Kids & Family@Tokyo

dim. 6 octobre 2019 à 03:30 — informations

dim. 3 novembre 2019 à 02:30 — informations

dim. 1 décembre 2019 à 02:30 — informations

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Saizaria Restaurant at Town Seven-Ogikubo 7F

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--- If you have interest of this meet up , Firstly please add( to join ) this group. Thank you. --- This group is for Mulch-language speaker & international people who in Japan. Let's casual chat in some language.Japanese,Cantonese/HongKong, Chinese, English, etc. Let us make friends for you and me and our kids to enjoy this Japan desert ! [Participation fee]

This is normal meet up : join free ¥0 Please just pay for your food and drink when we meet up in the restaurant or somewhere.

If we do picnic , then let's bring own food & drink. [Place of gathering]

Resturaunt Sizaria(サイゼリア) at 7-floor in TOWN SEVEN Ogikubo. Just need 3min from Ogikubo station ( JR Chuo or Sobu line , or Tozai line Tokyo METORO subway ) . The map is always wrong at Meet up page.

Please search the correct map by your self. [Participation conditions]

Can speak more than two language. You can bring your baby or kids or another family. I'm looking forward to see you wearing smile. Thank your RSVP.

Great regards! --- ※暴力団の方のご参加及び宗教、ビジネス等の勧誘を目的とした参加を禁止致します。


Saizaria Restaurant at Town Seven-Ogikubo 7F

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