The first event of the New Year, Hatsumode, and Drum performance! Jan-03

jeu. 3 janvier 2019 à 03:00

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Let's start 2019 by enjoying a New Year’s celebration performance of Wadaiko and “Hatsumode” at a local temple! Some of our members have been to a meetup of “wadaiko - Japanese drum experience” before, and have met the instructor Satomin. She plays wadaiko in a drum band “Hibiki Toen with Amon”, and they are performing a live New Year’s celebration at Horinouchi-Myohoji temple in Suginami, on January 2nd and 3rd. And we are going to see their performance and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere of Japanese New Year’s celebration. - The first event of the New Year in Japan is “Hatsumode”, which refers to one’s first visit to a shrine or temple in order to greet the New Year. Many people perform “Hatsumode” within the first three days of the year. The most famous hatsumode spot in Tokyo is Meiji-shrine, which has over three million visitors over the first three days of the year. However we will visit one of the local temple so much less crowded. Horinouchi Myohoji is a relatively large Nichiren Buddhist temple. Please check out the link below ( ★ We scheduled this meetup on 3rd, but if you are busy you are welcome to visit on 2nd by yourself with your family and friends! 【DATE】January 3rd, Thursday 【HOW TO MEET US】

◆ There are two locations you can meet with us, please read below and send Mami a message of where you would like to meet us. 1) 10:05 am JR Tachikawa station

2) 11:00 am~11:10 am Higashi-Koenji (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi-Line) 【Please send a message to Mami IF...】

◆ If you have guests with you, please provide their name so I can make name tags.

◆ If this is your first time with us, to complete your reservation please provide your "email address and cell-phone number". I will send you my contact information you can reach me directly on the event day in a reply. I respect your privacy and will never share your contact information with a third party. 【SCHEDULE】

10:05 meet at Tachikawa station

11:00~11:10 meet at Higashi-Koenji station (M04)

11:15 walk towards to the temple (12 minutes)

11:30~14:30 enjoy drum performance and explore the temples

(You can make a first pray, experience a New Year’s ceremonial sake, O-toso, and are given the cup which has a New Year’s zodiac picture, optional.)

14:30~15:00 meetup ends at the station ★Wadaiko performance schedule:




There might be a change in performance schedule. 【COST】

・ Meetup dues: 500 yen

・ Food and drinks (optional, not so many but there are some stands at the temple) ◆ In case of bad weather this meetup will be cancelled.

◆ This meetup is a co-organized event by three meetup groups, “Japanese Culture – Fun in Tokyo”, “Let’s talk and have fun over the age of 40” and “Tachikawa International Meetup 30+”.

◆ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the organizer.

                                            • ☆ 新年はお寺で初詣と新春を祝う和太鼓演奏を楽しもう~☆ これまでに何度か「和太鼓体験Meetup」でお世話になっています、和太鼓奏者 Satominさんの所属する和太鼓チーム<響道宴with阿門>が、1月2日と3日杉並区の堀之内妙法寺で毎年恒例の「新春を祝う和太鼓演奏」を披露されます。とても由緒ある素敵なお寺で混雑のないゆったりとした初詣もできます。元気な和太鼓の音と共に新春を楽しみましょう! ◆ 堀之内妙法寺 ◆

日蓮宗寺院です。江戸時代初期の元和年間(1615年~1624年)の創建と伝えられています。江戸時代から厄除けに利益のある寺院として知名度が高く、多くの人々から信仰を集めています。重要文化財に指定されている歴史を感じる山門が印象的です。 ★ Meetupは3日に開催しますが、2日も同様に和太鼓演奏があります。3日にご予定のある方は、是非2日にご家族・お友達と妙法寺のお正月をお楽しみください。 日程: 1月3日(木) 【集合場所】


1) 10:05 am JR立川駅

2 11:00 am~11:10 am 東高円寺駅 (東京メトロ丸ノ内線) 【スケジュール】

10:05 立川駅集合

11:00~11:10 東高円寺駅集合

11:15 妙法寺へ(徒歩約12分)

11:30~14:30 祝い太鼓演奏鑑賞、お寺内散策や初詣など


14:30~15:00 駅解散予定 ★ 和太鼓演奏時間(お寺の都合により演奏時間が変更になることがあります)





やくよけ祖師 本山 「堀ノ内妙法寺」境内 ※雨天中止 【費用】

・ Meetup参加費 500円

・ 飲食費など各自 (あまり多くはありませんが出店が出ています) 【初めて参加されるメンバーのみなさんへ】




上記2点をオーガナイザーへお知らせください。当日の連絡先を返信にてお知らせします。連絡先の明記がない場合は、RSVPが後日取り消しとなる場合もありますのでご了承ください。 【お友達と参加される場合】

名札を作りますのでお名前をお知らせください。 ◆ 悪天候の場合、このMeetupはキャンセルになります。

◆ このMeetupは「Japanese Culture – Fun in Tokyo」、「Let’s talk and have fun over the age of 40」、「Tachikawa International Meetup 30+」の3つのMeetupグループによる合同企画です。

◆ 何か質問がありましたら、お気軽にオーガナイザーまでご連絡ください。



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