Hiking to Mt. Nokogiriyama(鋸山ハイキング) and onsen(温泉)

sam. 12 janvier 2019 à 02:10

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Nokogiri Mountain

Let’s enjoy hiking to Mt. Nokogiriyama(鋸山 330m) in Chiba Prefecture. We can expect a great view of Tokyo Bay and approach the famous rock, called "Jigoku Nozoki"(地獄のぞき). After hiking, I'd like to go to onsen near Hamakanaya Statin. See the following URL.


This is not so difficult in terms of the distance and its elevation difference, but it is intended for those who have some hiking experience. I ask you to wear hiking shoes, gloves and a hat, and bring rain gear, headlamp or flashlight, water and lunch. Please make sure that you join this hike at your own risk. In the case of rain, it may be canceled. 1) Hiking Course

Hamakanaya Station(浜金谷駅) -- Yasubeiido Route(安兵衛井戸ルート) -- Higashinokata(東の肩) -- Mt. Nokogiriyama(鋸山山頂) -- Jigoku Nozoki(地獄のぞき) -- Kanto Fureaino Michi Route(関東ふれあいの道ルート) -- Hamakanaya Station*(浜金谷駅) -(onsen omnibus)- Umibenoyu(海辺の湯:880yen) -(onsen omnibus)- Hamakanaya Station(浜金谷駅)

*If you don't go to onsen, you can go back home from Hamakanaya Station.

2) Hiking Distance & Time

Walking distance : 6.0km

Elevation difference(up) : 325m

Hiking time : 4.0hours

Onsen time : 2.0hours

3) Meeting Time & Place

10:10am at the ticket gate of Hamakanaya Station on JR Uchibo Line(JR内房線浜金谷駅改札口)

4) Participation Fee

200yen/person( maintenance fee for Meetup site)

5) Notes

・When applying for this event(RSVP), please answer the question, like "hiking and onsen" or "hiking only".

・Be sure to update your RSVP when changing your attendance.

・If you go to the onsen, please bring a towel and changes of cloths if necessary.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/tokyoseniorlovers/events/256775300/

Nokogiri Mountain

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