Movement Masterclass: Mobility + Kettlebells 101

sam. 17 novembre à 18:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle

Join Ottawa’s fastest growing movement community right here at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle. Over the course of two hours, explore and learn to master movements that others dream of, increase your performance, develop new physical and mental skills, and have fun with Ottawa's #movementculture crew. With Movement Masterclass, you will learn techniques, tricks and tips on how to improve your movement and mobility, get to jump into self-myofascial release, discover techniques to help get rid you of those everyday aches and pains, and witness instant benefits in your athletic performance as you dive into the world of kettlebell training. Each training session will feature an hour of mobility and movement play plus an hour dedicated to intensive kettlebell training. Some of the things we will go over:

  • Foam rolling and lacrosse balls techniques

  • Primal movements: crawling, rolling and hanging

  • Movement flow practice and coordination drills

  • Kettlebell basics (swing, hikes, cleans, turkish getup)

  • Kettlebell techniques optimization

  • Advanced kettlebell complexes If you are a movement enthusiast, interested in improving your overall movement, want to learn new training tools, seeking help with preventing injuries, and up for a new challenge -- this is a must-attend! Cost: $45 per class (2 hours in length)

Location: EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle (230 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa)

Register online 👉 Meet your coach -- Sean Rodgers

Sean is an EPIC Personal Trainer and a movement addict. He is known for his passion for kettlebells, movement and mobility. When he is not training with clients, you can always find him mobilizing, swinging a kettlebell or rolling around somewhere! Sean is a firm believer in practising what he preaches and he is always on the hunt for new ways to learn, grow and challenge himself, physically and mentally. Sean’s calling in life is to help people adopt a less sedentary lifestyle as he educates humans on movement, its epic benefits and what it can do for their lives. He wants people to feel energized and inspired to get up, move and live their EPIC life.


EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle

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