Why People First

mer. 21 novembre à 18:30

Cooperativa Kreativa

WHY PEOPLE FIRST is a special event for all interested in starting the conversation on what are the keys to success in business and society of the 21st century. What, beyond good working conditions, drives people’s performance?

Is marriage between strategy and empathy possible?

How to make teams more proactive and innovative?

Why should we practice community building in organizations?

How to improve people relationship quality and mitigate the risks of conflict?

Why do we need more humanity in the organizations?

How to create an organizational culture that makes people feel alive? Our keynote speakers have been advocates of radical shifts in the organisational consciousness – towards more humanity and connectedness between individuals, teams and organisational mission and vision. They’ll demonstrate how putting people in the centre builds responsibility and ownership, opens up doors of trust and collaboration, and strategically builds long-lasting effects in companies and society. Join this extraordinary event for inspiring a special type of leadership – the one with a human in the centre, social impact in mind and courage at the heart. Our aim is making progressive ideas happen and awakening the organisations and society to start acting beyond their fears.

WHY PEOPLE FIRST is a call to action for transformational leadership. Keynote Speakers:


Jean Louis is a Belgian doctor who spent a good part of his life serving in UN and World Bank as an expert in managing and leading public health project all over the world. He left that world when he realized the organisations can’t cope with necessary changes and transformation from top-down to bottom-up approach. When he discovered that the projects financed by these organisations are usually more a way to spend money than to explore what’s really needed on the field. So he quit the world of high benefits and became a rare pioneer in making the change himself. He assembled a group of collaborators and the dream became a reality.

When Jean-Louis Lamboray and 11 people from all continents launched the Constellation in 2004, they took the prism of our shared humanity to challenge the status quo. They dreamed of a world where communities would take charge of their own lives and connect for sharing and support. They would not teach nor preach but appreciate community strengths. They would not evaluate communities, but communities would assess themselves and learn from their actions. NICK VAN LANGENDONCK

Nick is a start-up lion from the Antwerp area with a background in IT business development, executive coaching and communication, he is reshaping the corporate landscape by focusing on the human factor in organisations and advocating innovative collaboration and governing practices. He already has a track record of successful start-ups in Belgium and is currently running ‘Hifluence’ – a company for strategic digital repositioning while using a human centric approach to organisational transformation.

Nick’s dream is that companies be driven by conscious people who manage themselves and contribute, everyone with their own talents, together to the purpose of the organization and this in perfect symbiosis with technology. Nick puts love in the centre of everything we do: talent development, business models, sales processes, cash cycles, product development, digital strategy, team collaboration and communication. He believes that's what we as humankind need the most to make the quantum leap in our evolution. In the 21st century, love is the key to success in the 21st century. His book with this same title comes out this fall in Belgium.

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Cooperativa Kreativa

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