DDD for everyone: A talk by Guido Dechamps

lun. 26 novembre à 18:30 — informations

Cegeka Ghent

Chaque semaine les lundi jusqu'au 27 novembre 2018

This evening we welcome you for a talk by Guido Dechamps: "DDD for everyone" and after that we'll still have some time for a small open space. DDD for everyone

Over the years, Domain Driven Design has come and gone into fashion. With people holding different views to its merit. Some people think of DDD as being too academic, too difficult or non-practical. Others find it useful only at large projects, for complex software. In this talk, I would like to argue that DDD is not for a niche, chosen few. That DDD is practical. That there is value to be found in DDD for everyone. Because almost all software can benefit from a bit more domain driven DESIGN. Bio

Guido Dechamps has been a professional software engineer for almost two decades. He has mainly java ecosystem projects under his belt, although in ages long past he has helped to build the occasional .Net application. Since the blue book he dived head first into DDD because he loves building solutions that fit the problems they were aimed to solve. Likes: Well designed solutions, collaboration, chess, whiskey, long nightly discussions in dark pubs.

Dislikes: Titles, dishonesty, cooked chicory Schedule

------------ 18:00 - Doors open, networking, chatting, drinks and food sponsored by Cegeka

19:00 - DDD for everyone

20:00 - Break and questions

20:30 - DDD open space

22:00 - Foreseen end Venue/Sponsor

-------------------- Drinks, food and location is sponsored by Cegeka. Thank you!

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/dddbelgium/

Cegeka Ghent

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