Let's SentoRun while watching autumn leaves! | 紅葉を見ながらのんびり銭湯ランしましょう!

dim. 25 novembre à 06:00

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Nippori station 日暮里駅

WHAT IS "SENTO RUN"?: "Sento run" refers to a running style that puts luggage in the japanese public bath and enjoying running, of course, after running, you can relax with a bath by taking a shower.

This group aims to slow and relax "Sento run" with the public baths in various places in Tokyo.

Therefore, it may be a bit unsatisfactory event for runner who aims to shorten the time at marathon contest, please understand that point in advance.

The manager is not good at English, but I'd like to spread the goodness of the japanese public bath as well as possible to the world, please do not hesitate to join foreigners and Japanese people! INFORMATION ON SAITO-YU Official Site: http://www.saito-yu.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05m7uqB4tKs Saito-yu is a public bath located in Nippori, Arakawa Ward.

The room renewed in 2015 is clean, fashionable and relaxing.

There are 5 baths in all, high concentration artificial carbonated spring, large bathtub equipped with jet · sleeping bath · electric bath, hot water, hot water bath, outdoor bath.

White hot water of open-air bath contains plenty of micro unit bubbles generated by equipment, and is a silky bath that has massage effect, removes waste products.

So Saito-yu which can experience this special baths is really recommended. RUNNING INFORMATION At this event we will go through Yanaka, cross the Shinobazu pond in Ueno Park and plan to follow the autumn leaves of Univ.Of Tokyo and return to the public bath.

Univ.Of Tokyo is open to the general public.

If it is as usual years, at this time we should be able to enjoy the splendid autumn leaves.

About 10 kilometers or roughly 1 hour of distance and time are assumed, but I am planning to run slowly so it may take a little more time. MEETING PLACE

Let's meet at 14:00, A place where left the ticket gate of JR Nippori station.

If you do not understand please contact the following e-mail.

[masked] ENTRY FEE: free

※Public Bath charge is 460 yen. WHAT TO BRING: running shoes Running Wear towel FACILITY: Towel 100 yen Rinse 100 yen Draft beer 400 yen After running After the running is over, this event will end after arriving in the public bath.

Please relax in the bath without worrying about the time and go home at your favorite time. DISCLAIMER:

These organizers are not professional or trained leaders and are not medically trained to handle emergencies.

By participation in this event/run you agree to not hold these organizers liable for any harm that may come to you, or your property. Always remember to let the event organizer know if you are leaving the group. ■銭湯ランとは? 「銭湯ラン」をご存知でしょうか?



そのためマラソン大会でタイム短縮を目指すランナーさんには少々物足りないイベントかもしれません、その点はあらかじめご了承ください。 ■斉藤湯の情報 公式ページ: http://www.saito-yu.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05m7uqB4tKs 斎藤湯は日暮里駅から徒歩五分の荒川区の銭湯です、



露天風呂の白いお湯には、装置で発生した微細な単位泡が多く含まれており、マッサージ効果があり老廃物を取り除く絹のような風呂です。 ランニングコースとしても谷中霊園、根津、千駄木等のいわゆる谷根千エリア、上野公園、不忍池、など沢山の名所が楽しめます。


店長さんはビールマイスターの資格をお持ちなので、ランニング後のビールもおすすめですよ! ■ランニング情報 このイベントでは谷中霊園を通り、上野公園の不忍池を横断して東大の紅葉を見物して銭湯に戻るコースをたどる予定です。



このイベントの目的はあくまで「リラックスすること」なので、大会でのタイム短縮を目指してガッツリ練習したい方には物足りないかもしれません、その点はあらかじめご了承ください! ■参加費 無料

※銭湯入浴料は460円です。 ■待ち合わせ場所



[masked] ■持ち物 ランニングシューズ ランニングウェア タオル ■設備 タオル100円 リンス100円 生ビール400円 ■ランニングの後 ランニング終了後、銭湯に到着してそのまま解散となります。

時間を気にせずお風呂でリラックスして、お好きな時間にご帰宅ください。 免責事項: このイベントにご参加の前にお読頂きご同意お願いいたします。 この主催者はプロの訓練を受けた指導者ではなく、緊急事態に対応できるよう医学的に訓練されていません。


Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/%E6%9D%B1%E4%BA%AC%E9%83%BD-%E3%83%A9%E3%83%B3%E3%83%8B%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B0-Meetup/events/256252923/

Nippori station 日暮里駅

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