Connectome AI Meetup#4 : How Machines learn from small data !!

jeu. 6 décembre à 11:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

株式会社ディー・エヌ・エー(DeNA Co., Ltd.)

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Please click the following link to apply for meetup (Recruiters are strictly not allowed) # About this meetup

Human can learn even from a single instance, but computers can not. The existing model architectures suggest that computer are really very good in learning from high dimensional and huge amount of data. However, for every problem, we can neither have a high dimensional data nor the huge amount of data. Hence, how can we teach computers to learn from the less data, is still an open research problem.

Some work in this direction is published in past few years. Researchers named this “One-shot learning”.

Let’s meet and try to understand what is one-shot learning problem, what are the published approaches of one -shot learning and some code demonstration of a use case using any of the one-shot learning approach.

This meetup aims to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Here you get a chance to meet to, listen to and learn from the experts of the field. There key idea of this Connectome meet-up is: 1) To develop the theoretical and implementation of different AI concepts and algorithms.

2) To provide a chance to the AI enthusiasts to showcase their ideas/work and discuss to improve further. # Speakers Profile:

Alisher Abdulkhaev (Machine Learning Engineer @ PKSHA Technology)

Prior to joining PKSHA Technology, Alisher was a research intern at Rakuten (Rakuten Institute of Technology). He is currently engaged in various Computer Vision projects like face recognition and person identification. His interest areas are object detection, face recognition, fashion recognition and computation efficient deep neural networks. Dr. Priya Kansal (AI Researcher, Couger.Inc)

Priya has received her Doctorate Degree from one of the best university in India in the field of Behavioral Analytics. She is highly experienced in machine learning and was doing various machine learning projects as freelancer in India. After coming to Japan this year, she joined Couger as AI Researcher. Currently she is working on the applications of Deep Learning like face recognition, object detection, action and pose recognition. # Here is the tentative schedule and plan for meet-up:

19:00 ~ : Introduction

19:10~ : How can Computers Learn from small data (Priya Kansal)

19:35 ~ : Q & A

19:40 ~ : An Approach of One Shot Learning: Metric Learning (Alisher Abdulkhaev)

20:05 ~ : Q & A

20:10 ~ : A Toy Implementation of One-shot Learning (Alisher Abdulkhaev)

20:30 ~ : Q & A

20:35 ~ : Networking or if any one want to showcase any of his individual project. # Basic Info:

Date : 12/06

Time : 19:00 ~ 21:00

Place : DeNA Office (Shibuya)

Number Capacity:20

Fee : free Who should attend this Meet-up

If you are interested in the field of AI #How to Apply this Meetup

Please click the following link to apply for meetup (Recruiters are strictly not allowed)


株式会社ディー・エヌ・エー(DeNA Co., Ltd.)

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