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Nanuet Pavilion Building

What is it about the holiday season that makes being single or dealing with a loss feel worse than any other time of year? Are you convinced that everyone is basking in meaningful moments? And you are the single person or the one dealing with a real or potential loss, worried you’ll be left alone in the cold. Whatever pangs of loneliness you might be able to endure any other day tend to be magnified during this time of year. Maybe you’ve become so used to things that you don’t usually feel the loss anymore, but holiday times bring the feelings back up and you hurt. The emphasis on family gatherings or being with a significant other can cause great pain to people who have lost a loved one or attempting to let go of an unhealthy relationship. Letting go of the familiar is a difficult process especially during the holiday season. The passage of in-between space of letting go and opening up to the unknown is uncomfortable. Most of us do not welcome change. Yet, it is in just this place where a transforming shift can take place. If you are having difficulties dealing with the holiday season and/or letting go of a loss or end of a relationship (love, work, family, friend), where your best judgment is telling you to move on, but you continue to hang on, you are not alone. Join us as we take steps towards healing, empowerment and growth as you obtain support to learn to create positive relationships within yourself, with others and develop inner strength in dealing with the holiday season. WHAT TO EXPECT?

This support groups offers more than just talk. During our session, you’ll be introduced to a variety of skills that will support you in your healing process. We set the stage for honest, comfortable, and CONFIDENTIAL sharing. This week, our activities and exercises with will specifically focus on developing inner strength in dealing with the holiday season. WHO CAN ATTEND?

Anyone who is feeling drained, empty, or incomplete as a result of their relationships. We welcome people at all steps of their journey – whether you’ve been to a support group, meet-up, counseling or you’re a complete newcomer! WHAT SHOULD I BRING?

Desire to change and an open mind. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

$10 per session, which helps offset the cost of the space we rent for this group. We thank you for your support in advance. THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL - bring a friend and get half off your next meeting. ABOUT OUR GROUP

“Creating Healthy Relationships in Life and Love” is a support and Meetup group started by Debbie C. in Nanuet, NY in 2009. Please join our Facebook community here: ABOUT DEBBIE

Debbie is the organizer and leader of our group, bringing both professional and personal experience to the session. Her training as a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Certified Addiction Peer Advocate, and Certified Life Skills Coach has prepared her to be both a teacher and a support for the people she assists. In addition, Debbie herself has navigated the rocky waters of toxic relationships, only to become a stronger and more aware person. Her goal is to share sensitivity, healing, empowerment and closure with all those that seek it. Not able to make our monthly meeting, but want to learn more about our group or individual sessions? Reach out to our organizer, Debbie for more information at [masked]


Nanuet Pavilion Building

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