Japanese cooking in November

dim. 18 novembre à 17:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Thompkins Square Park
New York
New York

The changing colors of leaves are so beautiful now, I love this

season. But Fall always feels like a busy season too, so our next

class will be about making very delicious and fast recipes just using

2 ingredients. I cook these dishes all the time when I have little

time. Menu:

Eggplants and green pepper in miso ginger sauce

Napa cabbage and pork in dashi broth

Nagaimo root with pepper

Cabbage salad with salt kombu kelp

Shimeji mushroom takikomi rice

Clear dashi broth with lotus roots mochi

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Healthy-friendly-Japanese-cooking-classes/events/256260898/

Thompkins Square Park
New York

Gastronomie Boisson
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