Miyakejima Island Cycling Camp BBQ Snorkeling

jeu. 22 novembre à 14:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Takeshiba Pier

Miyakejima cycling (Camp, BBQ, Hiking, Snorkeling)

Event will be cancelled only if ferry service is cancelled. ****Short plan:****

Depart Tokyo Nov 22 22:30

Reach Miyakejima Nov 23 05:00 Depart Miyakejima Nov 25 13:45

Reach Tokyo Nov 25 19:50 If you wish to return early, you can take the same ferry on Nov 24.

We can purchase unreserved tickets directly on departure day. If you wish to get a seat then we have to reserve earlier. ***Description****

This time we are heading to Miyakejima, easily accessible from Tokyo.

Being a popular vacation spot among dolphin lovers, it also offers some scenic routes and hiking options. Since the public transport is not the convenient way to use, we will take our bikes and enjoy the whole island at our own pace. You can also rent bikes at the island. so you can join us even if you dont have a bike.

We will do snorkeling and BBQ.

If possible we can go for Wild Dolphin swimming which is in the next nearest island Mikurajima.

Best weekend getaway. *****Schedule****

Detailed planning to be discussed with people who have RSVPed later. Basic Plan:

Nov 22

-->21:30 Meetup in Takeshiba Pier

-->22:30 Board Passenger ship heading to Miyakejima Nov 23

-->05:00 Reach Miyakejima Island

-->08:00 Ride along the shore and some snorkeling on the way to campground

-->16:00 Experience huge Indoor and Outdoor bouldering at the recreation center.

-->18:00 Return to campground Nov 24

-->08:00 Explore rest of the island

-->10:00 Nature walk through the mountains. (Hiking to the peak is prohibited)

-->13:00 Volcano Experience hiking trail.

-->16:00 Have BBQ party in campground Nov 25

-->10:00 Shopping and prepare to leave

-->13:45 Take ferry from Miyakejima

-->19:50 Reach Tokyo **Links & Expenses***

Ferry : Tokyo - Miyakejima (¥6860 one-way ) (20% discount for students)

Stay : Camping Free

Bouldering : ¥500

BBQ : Approx ¥2000 per person (we will buy goods near the campsite) Campsite

https://www.miyakejima.gr.jp/stay/camp/ Bouldering

https://www.miyakejima.gr.jp/play/miyakemura-recreationcenter/ Ferry Link

http://www.tokaikisen.co.jp/english/time_price/time_price/ ***Things to Bring****

  • If you need Rental bikes let me know I will arrange.

  • Your bike (with helmet lights etc.,)

  • Cycle bags

  • Marine shoes & beach wear

  • Enough Cash, since there aren't any ATM.

I will carry basic bike & Medical kit. Please start a talk with everyone and share your experiences with others while riding. I hope everyone will love this ride.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Weekend-Cycling-Events-In-Japan/events/256139837/

Takeshiba Pier

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