Intro to UX: Ideation - Workshop + Dinner (optional)! (English ver. / 英語版)

dim. 25 novembre à 08:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)


Hey everyone! In our next workshop, you'll create prototypes (solutions!) by ideating on the problem and your user. :) This is the second workshop of our intro design series but you do not need to have attended the previous session. ◼️What you’ll learn - How to brainstorm solutions based on a persona (user archetype).

  • How to make a low-fidelity prototype to solve real-world problems.

  • How to gain user feedback on your prototype to improve your product.

  • How to take this process and apply to your work and/or company. ◼️Details This is a 90min workshop limited to 18 seats with 2 instructors presenting and providing guidance through the interactive workshop. ◼️Requirements No experience in design necessary for this introductory workshop series. Open to all ages and experiences. ◼️Price 3000 yen

We'll have dinner together afterwards if you'd like to join! :) (Optional; Pay for yourself) ◼️What to bring - Notebook, Pencil or Pen

This is an interactive workshop. We will come up with ideas, sketches, and design iterations together and in smaller groups. - Computer (optional)

If you prefer to take notes on computer please feel free to bring. A computer is not required for this introductory workshop. See you there!! :) Hitomi



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