Personal Credit Mastermind Class: How to master credit for you and your family

Aujourd'hui, 17 nov. à 16:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Newark Newark, NJ
New Jersey

This will be a master class unlike any other. You will leave here armed with the knowledge to educate your family and loved ones on the credit repair process and how to keep your credit up. This is a LIFE skill not taught in schools or colleges. Landlords, utility companies, and jobs all check your credit now. It's the difference between owning a home and over paying for a vehicle. You will learn:

  • How credit bureaus work to determine your score

  • What to do and how to repair your own credit no matter what situation you are in

  • The 4 secret bureaus no one talks about

  • The Credit cards sins to avoid

-The disputing process in detail

  • Removing judgments, liens, evictions, chexxsystems etc.

  • How to get high h limit credit cards(5K and above)

-What to immediately do when you have bad credit

-What do with good credit once you have it

-The new Ultra FICO scoring system and why you need to make more money



Newark Newark, NJ
New Jersey

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