Reiki Level 3a: En(in)Lightened Living

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Narayana Yoga Project

GLOWING HEART REIKI LEVEL 3a “There comes a point in the Reiki Journey where there is a profound desire to go deeper! This is the heart's call for the Master Symbol attunement. You of course are not a "Master" after a simple afternoon attunement intensive. What you have done though, is called in Self Mastery in this lifetime! The master symbol is for the practitioner. It helps to bring all the worlds, the realms, the vibrations into oneness. This level is an attunement toward connection to your inner source and light. This transition can feel awkward. It will take your body and mind some time to catch up with being attuned to the unified field. At this level a deepening of regular self practice slowly latches on, no matter how much we try and fight it.” - Subtle Evolution Through Reiki, GHRS Blog REIKI LEVEL 3 INTENSIVE INCLUDES:

-A refresher on the teachings of Reiki 1 & 2

-Master Symbol Revealing & Empowerment Teaching

-Cultivating a Reiki Infused Perspective

-Daily Reiki Integration Techniques

-Calling in Self Mastery

-Activating Reiki in all areas of life

-Advanced Reiki Techniques

-A Private Master Symbol Attunement Ceremony

-A Personal Intuition Empowerment

-Practical and Spiritual Steps to upgrading your Professional Reiki Practice

-21 Day Self Mastery Sadhana *Practitioners will be Level 3 Certified after this course, and not yet a Reiki Master/Teacher. EXCHANGE: $222 Reiki 3 & Mastership Teacher Training Application Form: This course is a prerequisite for the Reiki Mastership Teacher Training.


Narayana Yoga Project

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