Inside and outside - a perspective on human beings and society by Nini

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Inside and outside - a perspective on human beings and society

by Nini Part 1 of a series of 3 lectures Part 1: Spirituality and Psychology - Inside Description: Was there ever an itch at the back of your mind that you want to know more about your inner self? Have you ever felt like there is more to life than paying bills, getting married and grabbing a beer? Were you ever curious to understand what actually happens behind the scenes of society and how are we manipulated? Have you ever wondered why more and more people are unsatisfied with the current state of society? I will offer an answer to these questions and more by trying to offer a perspective on how human beings have everything they need on the outside, in society, and yet most people seem lost. There is a silent but clear unforgiving battle between the INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. The lectures will be split into three distinct sessions for the easier absorption of information. The first will encompass spirituality and psychology in order to offer the audience an idea about WHAT is happening to us inside. The second will encompass the rest of the topics to provide the HOW are we pushed in those states by the workings of society. While the last will offer a couple of solutions and remedies that you can use to counteract the discussed issues. Nini will discuss the following topics among others: • Spirituality- the soul, consciousness, energy, purpose

• Psychology- the mind, brain, emotions, mental illnesses

• Government

• Education system

• Media

• Monetary system

• Terrorism- False Flag

• Military

• Corporations

• Food

• Pharmaceutical industry

• Energy resources e.g geothermal or tide Date: Thursday, November 22nd Time 19 hrs start - doors open 18:30 Price €10 pay on the door Bio: Mircea (Nini) - Florin Sterescu was born in a medium sized city in Romania called Craiova, however, lived most of his life in Bucharest. His background is in International Relations and Humanitarian Action; holding a bachelor degree in IR and a master’s degree in Humanitarian Action. For some time he was also involved within the Romanian Foreign Missions, changing his mind in the last minute about taking the Diplomatic Corps exam. Mircea has lived, worked and studied in 8 different countries and 7 capital cities, absorbing experiences and people. Mircea considers himself a deep thinker, a lover of knowledge, hopeless romantic, sports addict and most of all a savage fighter for truth. He believes that the combination of truth and love can solve everything that is wrong with our society. His love for knowledge is what pushed him to read and discover incisively the current workings of people and society. This obsession of his culminated with the present event. The second lecture will be entitled: Societal manipulation - Outside.

The third will be entitled: Remedies to an insane world Please confirm your spot by sending an e-mail to Nini [masked] To ask more info please call Nini on [masked]



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