The 16th century across the globe - Historical board game in English

mar. 27 novembre à 20:00

Mairie du 14e arrondissement
Paris 14e

Hello my dear curieux ‘n curious members !

(Please note this meeting will be held in English) Following the success of the last time, I propose to re-organize the event on Tuesday evening. So let's dive again in the century of the discovery of Brazil, of the English Reformation, of the fall of the Aztec empire, of the introduction of tobacco in Europe and so much more... Every participant will be given prior to the meeting a small topic to work on (but no pressure really !). This should not take you a lot of time (if any) and should allow everyone to contribute in enriching the conversation. The gathering should unfold as follow: - Greetings / Introduction

  • Geographical aspects

  • Historical & scientific aspects

  • Artistic, musical & Sporting aspects

  • Literature & Philosophy & Spirituality (Quotes, Reviews & Recommendations)

  • Exclusive miscellaneous games (!), this should constitute a significant part of our meeting

  • Miscellaneous readings (where you will be given the opportunity to share to the group your readings or any book that you like)

  • Logistical considerations : next meeting, next museum etc. The meeting will be held at home near Denfert rochereau. It's rather small but it will do. :-) Feel more than welcome to ask questions, I will be more than happy to answer to them :-)

Jean Baptiste


Mairie du 14e arrondissement
Paris 14e

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