5-day immersive and hands-on ML and DL Bootcamp in London

lun. 19 novembre à 09:00


[Paid bootcamp] We have partner with ZeroToDeepLearning on this 5-day immersive and hands-on ML and DL Bootcamp in London 19-23 Nov. Led by a Silicon Valley AI expert.

buy ticket here: bootcamp2.zerotodeeplearning.com.

15% off using code AICAMP15OFF 5 full days of Knowledge and Skill

You’ll get versed in Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. These are the elements that come together to make driverless cars, to recognize faces, to market products, and to drive big decisions from big data. You will Build:

A language detector

An image recognition engine

A sentiment classifier that can decipher the tone of text

A spam detector that can triage sms messages

A forecasting algorithm that predicts future energy consumption

A deployed API that predicts phone location from wifi signal A final project of your own

Final Project

Apply what you have learnt immediately

Collaborate with a team

Build an application end-to-end

Show off your results

Immediately bring back value to your organization

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Paris-AI-Tech-Talk/events/256090320/


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