Casual Dinner

lun. 19 novembre à 19:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Chez Celia

The intent of this meeting is to connect and learn about each other, to welcome newcomers, practice some NVC empathy, and plan for growth. Tentative agenda will cover

  • Opening circle: your inspirations for choosing plant-based foods

and what brings you to this event

  • Sharing and enjoying delicious plant-based dishes together

  • Discussion of difficult conversations around plant-based diets and the possible role of non-violent communication

  • Future vision & planning For this dinner, you are invited to prepare the plant-based dish of your choice (appetizer/snack, main dish, or dessert). Drinks are also welcome! If you are unable to prepare food to share, bring yourself anyway! We're happy to receive contributions of ideas and compassionate listening. Important Notes

Allergy warning: this event will take place in a private residence which is also home to a friendly dog Please send me your email so that I can forward you more precise directions (closest bus stop #1,#9, Clos du Molan). Please make note of all the ingredients in your dish in case of inquiry.

It may be helpful to use the following labels:

  • fully vegan (no animal products whatsoever)

  • vegetarian (non-vegan)

  • all local ingredients

  • gluten-free

  • suitable for nut allergies If you need to cancel your registration, please update your attendance on this website, as space is limited.


Chez Celia

Gastronomie Boisson
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