International BBQ Party - 国際交流バーベキュー

ven. 23 novembre à 04:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Tamagawa River (near Marukobashi)
Kanagawa Prefecture

International BBQ Party - 国際交流バーベキュー PLEASE JOIN US FOR A BBQ. ☆3 hours BBQ and All-You-Can-Drink Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Japanese Spirits, Soft drinks etc.

☆Let’s make some new friends!

☆Feel free to participate by yourself or come with your friends! [Fee: Include BBQ and drinks]

Men: 4,500 yen

Women: 2,500 yen

Please pay in Japanese yen at the event. [Where to meet us?]

The venue is the riverside of Maruko Bridge in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. We will gather at the ‘Shinmaruko’(新丸子) station 11:30-11:45. We’ll be waiting for you with sing “MEETUP” at outside of the ticket gate towers East exit. [ATTENTION]

Please be careful to manage your baggage at your own risk. We are not responsible for theft, loss, etc. 私達の BBQにご参加お待ちしております☆ ☆BBQと飲み物(ビール、ワイン、カクテル、焼酎、ソフトドリンク等)を3時間お楽しみください


☆お一人でのご参加者大歓迎 [会費:バーベキューと飲み放題付き]

男性 4,500円

女性 2,500円

会費は当日現金でお支払いください。 [会場と待ち合わせ場所]

会場は神奈川県川崎市丸子橋周辺です。11:30〜11:45に「新丸子駅」改札を出たら東口方面出口周辺に集合してください。“MEETUP” と書かれた看板が目印です。お一人での参加の方もをお気軽にご参加頂けるイベントです。 [注意事項]



Tamagawa River (near Marukobashi)
Kanagawa Prefecture

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