Build a Digital Plan Based on Your Skill-Sets to Reach 6-Figures!

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If you are a freelancer, independently contracted consultant or coach, or even a sales representative - you need to find the right high-quality clients. Today personal branding and leveraging your voice online are critical to lead generation. And social proof impacts sales.

If you want to 10X your online presence to win high-paying clients, join this workshop to:

  • Build a custom-plan that has you performing the right actions at the right times.

  • Understand which marketing skill-sets will help you to earn 6-figures in 30, 60, or 90 days.

  • Avoid BEGINNER mistakes with a skilled EXPERT by your side.

Finding a replicable path to the right clients is THE ONLY thing your business needs to flourish!

Hi and welcome to a real person who has made 6-figures in 5 weeks time using 100% custom tailored online strategies to reach THE RIGHT clients (Enterprise at $2M-$10M Revenue) in the RIGHT WAY (via LinkedIn) by DOING WHAT I LOVE DAILY (Writing TURBO business blogs) to build a path for my ideal customer to find me for NO MONEY (No outsourcing.) invested. Sounds impossible? Nope! I can teach you how to create a path to your ideal customers.

If you need to know one thing - it is that RIGHT NOW customers are looking FOR EXACTLY YOU.

They simply have not found YOU yet. There is not one thing in this world that you cannot find on the internet. I run a consulting practice, some clients want a weekly call to discuss results others want to be along for the entire process down to brainstorming meetings, etc. There are unique clients for every kind of business and there is always room in the marketplace for YOU.

I teach you how to systemize yourself to create repeatable results. Once you get your program created and launched THEN guess what? You can start outsourcing in your future launches. This is a 4 Week Intensive that should have you WELL on your way to a BULLET proof plan for 2018.

Session 1 - April 4th - Who are you, what are you capable of? Goal setting, financial planning, creating customer profiles. 6 Worksheets.

Session 2 - April 11th - How will you get to your customers? What channels? What resources will you need? How frequently will you show up? 10 Worksheets.

Session 3 - April 18th - Productivity Planning - 3 Worksheets // Calendar Set-Up Included

Session 4 - April 25th - Tracking Measuring and Real-Time Performance Management- 4 Worksheets / Excell Sheets

  • What to bring: Laptop, pen and paper, calculators, and a good attitude.

** This 4-part series over 4 weeks for $350 total. 🐥

****Early Bird Special: Reserve your spot before March 1st, get the workshop for $275 + PLUS Receive An Additional $10 REBATE per session by writing a testimonial after each session. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE:


Back Pack Cafe

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