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Gooding Wellness Group & Studio
Cold Spring Harbor
Laurel Hollow

Chaque semaine les samedi jusqu'au 26 janvier 2019

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Thinking too much? Critical of yourself? Learn the skills you need to cope, progress and find true joy.

Our Saturday Morning Mindfulness Group is an amazing opportunity to learn about the basic skills of mindfulness and how they can help you in everyday life. Over the past few years, science has clearly shown how practicing mindfulness can reduce stress, enhance your ability to deal with illness/pain, decrease depressive symptoms, increase concentration, build emotional resilience and improve your overall physical and mental wellness. Learn how bringing our thoughts and awareness back to this present moment can improve your health AND bring joy and relief back to everyday life. Additionally it is a powerful tool for anyone in therapy or any type of recovery. This group is designed to be informative, supportive, interactive and FUN.

Here are a list of topics we will cover on Saturday Mornings

Introduction to Mindfulness (first Saturday of the month)

Awareness & Auto Pilot

Mind & Body Connection

Learning The Body Scan

Befriending our Breath.

Mindful Movements

Wise Mind

Pleasant Moment vs. Unpleasant Moments

Incorporating Non-Judgement into our consciousness

What are we consuming??


Gooding Wellness Group & Studio
Cold Spring Harbor

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