Restorative Yoga with Lily

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Gooding Wellness Group & Studio
Cold Spring Harbor
Laurel Hollow

Chaque semaine les dimanche jusqu'au 30 décembre 2018

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is a restful sequence of five to six yoga poses using props to support and stretch the body. This gentle practice works to release tense muscles and ease busy minds as students hold each posture for 5-10 minutes each. Gooding Wellness Restorative Yoga Classes are built with mindfulness and meditation at their center in order to help you find a balance of both mental and physical peace. Why Restore?

Restorative Yoga can offer a much needed break from our fast paced lives, allowing us to return refreshed and relaxed. This type of restoration encourages better sleep, buffers chronic stress, increases flexibility, and helps to develop self-compassion. While the supported twisting, bending, and folding works to massage the body, the quiet space and guided meditation help cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation. What do I need?

Just a body! Any body! Yoga is for absolutely everyone regardless of age,shape, or experience. Whether you've been feeling stressed or you've been feeling calm, everyone can benefit from Restorative Yoga.


Gooding Wellness Group & Studio
Cold Spring Harbor

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