Blockseed Investments: Demo Day | Speed E-Pitch Selections

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WeWork E. 57th St.
New York
New York

Chaque semaine le mardi, mercredi

Blockseed Investments is hosting meetups to introduce the pitching platform the company has recently developed that matches startups and investors. The closed beta is live and running and we are looking for 50 startups to be featured on the platform. These 50 startups will have priority access and 90% Discounted [The price of the ticket is 50$ and gives annual access] to pitching to our list of 150 active investors. While they pitch to investors we will ask for feedback from both investors and startups to improve the platform. We will have 30 startups per meetup and will select the top 3 startups to join our platform in closed beta, others will still receive access and the discount however will have limited features available. We will work with the top 3 startups to refine their pitch and our platform and present to investors, this will allow these startups to be brand ambassadors for Blockseed to the Investors. These meetups will be held twice a week to evaluate startups and their ideas. Additionally, since we are a platform, in case you can't attend we will be allowing you to participate regardless however, we recommend you visit in person. If you are a startup or know someone that has a startup this meetup is for you! Blockseed Investments TEAM: Aniruddh Jain - Founder and CEO

( ) Seth Kaplowitz - General Counsel

( ) Siddharth Gupta

( ) Olga Bashkatova

( ) Dmitri Pchelintsev - Head of Strategy & Business Development

( ) Some Investors who will be sent your pitches via the platform post selection.

  1. Franziska Kolk:

  2. Andre Serrano:

  3. Elliot Golnar:https: //

  4. Abhinav Somani:

  5. Sean Keegan:

  6. And 145 more investors who will be on platform who will be timebound reviewing the top startups decks. Agenda: 5:30pm - General Networking 6:00pm - Introduction to Blockseed Investments and its analytics platform of Startups and Investors 7:00pm - Startup Story Sharing 7:30pm - Group Discussion and Feedback


WeWork E. 57th St.
New York

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