First Sunday Evening at The Cliffs (Discounted Climbing!) + Dinner

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The Cliffs at Long Island City
Long Island City

Tous les 1er dimanche du mois jusqu'au 5 janvier 2019

The Cliffs has redone their Meetup policy and the first Sunday evening of the month is officially Vedge's night. That's not to say we can't climb there at other times, just that Sunday evening is our time to shine, wear our fanciest vegan duds, be loud and advertise ourselves. Vedge members will get some official perks and discounts to help lure them in: ● Discounted $26 day-pass during first Sunday evening of each month.

● Initiation fee waived for month-to-month membership.

● For first-time visitors: Free rental gear and 50% off Intro to Climbing class (use the discount code VEDGE2018) But also note that if you are not a member at The Cliffs, these discounts are only available during scheduled meetup times. Any Vedge member who visits The Cliffs outside of this allotted meetup time will not be eligible for discounted day passes or rental gear (though they will still be eligible for the waived initiation fee on membership and 50% off the Intro to Climbing class). Let's climb and work up an appetite before getting some yummy food! The Plan

5pm: Climb at The Cliffs 8pm: Dinner at a nearby local restaurant. There's good Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, etc. Anyone who has not been to the Cliffs before will need to fill out a waiver and take a 10-minute orientation. Save time by filling out the waiver in advance: NOTE: The monthly first Sunday climbing Meetup is NOT a source of free instruction. We are not certified instructors. If you cannot belay, please use the discount code to sign up for the Intro to Climbing class. We cannot accommodate large numbers of newbies who have never climbed before at these events.


The Cliffs at Long Island City
Long Island City

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