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PRAMANA - yoga & pilates studio

★Tokyo Mat Pilates in English Mat Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening and stretching the body with an emphasis on core strength. Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. Most important benefit of doing a mat Pilates is that you are going to be FEEL SO GOOD!! アメリカやオンラインレッスンで活躍中のMaiが、東京にて英語のピラティスレッスンを開催いたします。ぜひ、英語でレッスンをご受講されたい方、英語でのレッスンの仕方を学びたいインストラクターさん、年末年始にお時間にご都合のつく方、お気軽にご参加ください。 ★Place to meet

Address:[masked] Ueno, kawakubo Bldg. 2F, Taito-ku, Tokyo[masked] Japan

Studio: PRAMANA - yoga & pilates studio The studio is located in 3 mins from exit 4 of UENO station, which is on the big street called "Showa Dori". After coming outside from the Exit 4, come straight forward for 500 ft in the direction facing when exiting the exit, and you will see us "PRAMANA" on the right side. PRAMANA is at the second floor and the first floor is a head spa called "SYMA". 会場スタジオ:

PRAMANA(プラマーナ) - yoga & pilates studio

[masked] 東京都台東区上野6-7-16川久保ビル2F ★About MAI instructor My name is Mai and I was born and raised in Japan. I have worked as a certified fitness instructor in Japan and in the United States for over 20 years. I have taught Mat Pilates over 10 years. My life is journey discovering a new thing in the world. I love to visit and live in different countries. At the same time, being a fitness instructor is one of my favorite things and I am passionate the most. I'd love to share this passion with everyone in the world. No matter where I lived and what situation I was in, I have been a fitness instructor and I will be! To keep being both a fitness instructor and a very active traveler, I utilize an online personal session system ( ) and Meetup ( ). The online personal session system allows me to offer fitness sessions continuously no matter where I live, and Meetup allows me to offer fitness lessons to local people where I am visiting. I’m now able to offer fitness lessons to anyone in the world no matter where I live. How wonderful this is!! I used to teach fitness lessons at big corporate gyms such as LA Fitness and Gold gym, and I even owned my own yoga and Pilates studio in Tokyo Japan. However, as being an active traveler, I now more focus on making my own community. My Pilates/fitness lessons are awesome! Please come join with us!! This is my brief profile:

・Graduated from Temple University, located in Philadelphia PA, USA in 2002.

・Started “M's Shala - yoga & pilates studio” in Tokyo Japan in 2009 and stated “Inner Body studio” in 2014.

・Moved back to the US In March 2015 and closed all studios in 2015 after operating 8 years.

・Started to teach Pilates, strength training, cardio kickboxing lessons at LA Fitness, USA in 2016.

・Traveling life has started in 2018. Mai’s Qualifications:

・Taking Balanced Body Mat I Pilates teacher training

・Stott Pilates Reformer course completed

・Certified TRX Suspension Trainer

・FTP Mat Pilates course completed

・Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

・Certified Adult First Aid/CPR/AED by Redcross

・AAAI ISMA Primary Aerobic Instructor Certification Course completed

・Japan Lifetime sports association Jogging instructor-Second grade course completed


PRAMANA - yoga & pilates studio

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