Yokouchi Workshop for Beginners / 横打ちワークショップ(基礎編)

dim. 23 décembre à 02:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Taiko House / 太鼓庵
Kanagawa Prefecture

Want to try taiko drums for the first time? Interested in yokouchi (side-on) style? Want to simply exercise and have fun? Come join us! No taiko experience is needed. Hiroyuki Saito is a professional taiko drummer who has been active around Tokyo/Yokohama/Kawasaki area. He is a very talented, kind, and open-minded instructor with 10 years teaching experience. He will guide you to the world of taiko! If you are not comfortable enough to take this lesson in Japanese, I, Minami, can help you so don't hesitate to join us. Let's dive into the groove of Japanese traditional music together!

[Is taiko really for me?]

Absolutely! Taiko is a very beginner-friendly instrument. If you have seen the performance before, you might think like "Oh, I'm not gonna be good at it, I don't have enough muscle like the performers," but that's not true! You would need more power from the core of your body, and that's what everybody has. [How big is the class?]

It depends on the day, but most likely it would be 2 to 8 people in class. [How much does it cost?]

This workshop costs 5,000 yen including studio and bachi (drumsticks) rental fee.






基礎から優しくお教えします。 講師の斎藤広之先生は、東京、横浜、川崎地域で活動するプロの和太鼓奏者で、約10年の指導経験もあります。 お一人での参加は勿論、お友達を誘ってお越しいただくのも大歓迎!




とても親しみやすい楽器です。 「和太鼓には腕力が必要なのでは?」と思われがちですが

腕よりも体の芯の力(体幹)が重要です。 講師の元整体師としての経験を活かした

ストレッチや体操なども含め、丁寧に指導します。 <こんな風に教えます>

個人または少人数で、分かり易く丁寧に指導します。 <受講料>


※受講料にはスタジオレンタル代、バチレンタル代を含みます。 <定員>


(要望に応じて変わります) <こんな方にオススメ!>








Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Japanese-Traditional-Music-Lovers-Meetup/events/255993909/

Taiko House / 太鼓庵
Kanagawa Prefecture

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