【The 8th Meetup】QQEnglish Community (Take your English to the next level)

mar. 27 novembre à 11:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

株式会社HDE オープンラウンジ

Dear Participants, Join us as we hold another Meetup on November 27th. We are preparing loads of fun activities and a full and frank exchange of ideas and concepts for all English language learners. Keep posted!!! 【What we do】

Are you an English-language enthusiast?

Are you eager to speak English? QQEnglish is now opening a community for such people.

This community is for anyone who is learning English or wants to improve their English.

Come and join us!!!

Don't miss this opportunity. (^_-)-☆ ex 1. Game for beginners with a Filipino teacher

ex 2. Deep discussion for advanced members 【What to bring】

★Necessities (各自必要に応じて)

・Water bottle (No alcoholic drink please!! )


・etc・・・ 【Important Note】

★Code of conduct

・First and foremost, all participants need to respect each other

・Need to behave politely towards each other

・Need to understand that this event is for the community

・Need to speak in English only

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/QQ-English-Official-Conversation-Community/events/255954976/

株式会社HDE オープンラウンジ

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