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Bonjour Crepes

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New Group

I bet there are freelancers in Queens looking for more work, and some overloaded with too many clients/ too much work. Let's meet and see what comes of it. We could potentially swap some work, pay each other a bit for the help...

**IF YOU'RE ON THE WAITING LIST YOU CAN STILL COME. just private message me so I know someone's coming.

(The group is capped at the first 50 members who signed up for the group, even if the members don't come that day.) Calling all creatives freelance people and college grads etc.

If you don't have connections, that's okay, those with all levels of experience welcome!

(I'm new to Astoria/ looking to freelance again. Please read the About page for this group.) We'll meet at 4:30pm Sundays at Bonjour Crepes & Wine.

It's fairly quiet here, no loud music.

enough seating for a mid-size group.

good crepes and coffee

Wi-fi: bring your laptop if you'd like.


Bonjour Crepes

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