How to create a financial plan? Calc. net worth, return needed, more! [CPI Feb]

mer. 6 février 2019 à 01:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Microsoft Store
Garden City
Garden City, Georgia

It's our second meeting of the year! To start investing properly, we need to create a financial plan so that we have a roadmap and steps to follow.

We'll be going over:

  • Why is having a financial plan important?

  • How to calculate your net worth - the first stop in any plan

  • Why is having a budget important - and how to forecast income requirements at retirement

  • How to work backwards and calculate a return % needed

  • The difference between Arithmetic vs Geometric averages

  • General investment selection guidelines See you all there! • What to bring

A notepad and calculator are recommended, but not required AGENDA

7:00pm - Networking

7:30pm - Presentation

8:45pm - More Networking

9:00pm - End


Microsoft Store
Garden City

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