Oct 24 Professional Women's Toastmasters

mer. 27 février 2019 à 23:45 — informations

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Professional Women's Toastmasters
New York
New York

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Hi ladies!

Our next session will start at 5:45 as agreed :) Flow will be as follows, and as always, no experience required to come join us. We're an open and fun group of women who support and empower each other's voices to come alive! All women with a voice are welcome :) Hellos!

  1. Public speaking game

  2. 3 Prepared speeches, with 3 evaluators, as follows:

1) Evelyn (speaker) Lauren (evaluator)

2) Martina (speaker) Christina (evaluator)

3) Jeba (speaker) Annamaria (evaluator)

  1. Evaluation

  2. (If time) Power posing exercise For the prepared speeches, structure is as follows:

Length: Five minutes

Topic: Any

Structure: MUST choose a structure, and provide your evaluator with that structure at the BEGINNING of the session. You can keep it basic or play around with some more advanced structures. Here are some resources (you got this ladies):


http://sixminutes.dlugan.com/speech-preparation-3-outline-examples/ Evaluator: You are evaluating based on objective speaking crtieria (tone, clarity, eye contact, body language, audience awareness ; I'll provide the crtieria on the day) AND on the effectiveness of the structure the speaker provides. Some questions you want to ask:

Did the structure enable smooth transitions?

Did the structure convey the key thesis of the speech clearly?

Was the structure engaging?

Was there a clear link between the structure that the speaker provided you, and the speech they presented? The key is to get comfortable with a structure that you can use in all sorts of speaking situations (like public speaking games ;) ) A few pro tips:

Palm cards (2 column print out in Word) over full pages :)

Don't introduce yourself or your title when you stand up - just start talking to us and engaging us in your amazing speech!

Split the audience into 3 sections, and make sure you make contact with each section as you go through

Open body language! Take up lots of space. You own it! Look forward to seeing you all!

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Professional-Womens-Toastmasters-Midtown-NYC/

Professional Women's Toastmasters
New York

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