your programming projects: let's talk about them in a nice bar

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TLDR: a drink in a nice bar - open to everyone Hello, We are a bunch of programmers hacking stuff together. We chat on IRC and share a server over SSH. Some of us write programs in ASM, VHDL, C, C++, Rust, Kotlin, Python, Javascript, Lua and Haskell. I (mabynogy) organize a first dailyprog meetup here in Paris. Everyone

is welcome even if they aren't into programming. If you're concerned

don't feel bad for that and come to get a nice drink with us. the official post:

if you prefer evenbrite: We will meet in a lively bar near Bastille. The meetup is organized

in common with the Startup/CTO group. It's also an opportunity to meet

entrepreneurs if you have a project or you're looking for a job. with: Of course, everyone is also welcome on our chat. You don't need to wait

for the 6 november to join us: to chat now: Cheers, Marc aka "mabynogy"


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