Introduction to Bricolage/Woodworking with Seb Part 1/2

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francais plus bas If you ever wondered how to get started with a project, in this two-part workshop you can get your feet wet in woodworking without investing in your own equipment or committing to long courses. You will be offered three projects to chose from, then guided through from planning to finishing this way learning the basic skills of woodworking. At the end you will go home with a finished product and you will gain confidence in handling tools and machines. You will:

  • do some measurements

  • use a jigsaw

  • drill and screw

  • glue

  • maybe use a router

  • use a sanding machine

  • with guidance use a band saw and a miter saw Price:

Part 1: 60 Chf

Part 2: 50 Chf

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