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"Instameet" sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is an event in which a lot of instagrammers had participated last year.

This second event, which will be in 2018 is to take place in Akigawa Valley in the city of Akiruno where the contrast between clear blue skies and autumn leaves is very beautiful!


這次2018年第2回的活動,就是在蔚藍青空及楓葉的對比下,顯得格外美麗的「秋留野(秋川溪谷)」舉辦! ※Click below for a summary report of last year’s event:



https://tamashima.tokyo/report/instameet-201711.html Tokyo is often seen as the “Big Metropolis” but in reality, there is one more side you should find about: the “Big Nature” of Tokyo.

This city is not all about skyscrapers and concrete jungles, it also boosts magnificent green areas with clear water streams such as the Tama region on the west, as well as the wonderful Tokyo Islands, known for its breathtaking bays shaped by unique volcanic terrain and clear skies full of stars at night.


東京除了擁有高樓大廈林立的市中心區,它還有綠意盎然、溪水潺潺的多摩區,以及火山島獨有的美麗海灣和滿天繁星的島嶼區。 "Akigawa Valley" is the area of 20 km in circumference stretching from Ajiro in the city of Akiruno to the Kitaaki river and the Minamiaki river in the village of Hinohara.

The beauty of clear streams of water and mountains that change their appearance every season is exceptional, and it will heal the hearts of the people visiting this area with its magnificent nature which is very untypical for Tokyo.


其清澈的水流以及隋著四季變群山之美,治癒了讓無法相信這雄偉大自然就是東京的旅客們。 At this event, besides hiking and visiting scenic autumn leaves spots around the Akigawa Valley, there are plans to have workshops conducted by invited as lecturers - “the food craftsmen of Akiruno” who carry techniques inherited from their predecessors to give us the tastes which were born through the nature, history and culture of Akiruno.

這次的活動除了到訪秋川溪谷周邊絕美楓葉景點的騎士以外,也預定從秋留野市自然、歷史、文化中,由先人所承継而來的傳統之味、熟練的技法、技術的継承者來做為「秋留野之匠」的講師,來舉辦的研討會。 lease make sure to join us at this event held at the sightseeing spot where you can enjoy the most wonderful natural surroundings in Tokyo Metropolis and can easily get to within about an hour by train or by car from the city center.

您要不要試著參加從市中心不到1小時,不管是搭電車、開車都能輕鬆抵達可盡情感受都内首屈一指的大自然觀光景點呢? People who love outdoor activities, traveling, photography and meeting other people - please do not hesitate to join us!

Let's spread the word to the world about the charm of Tokyo’s "Akiruno" by visiting, seeing and directly feeling it!


將實際所看到、感受到的東京「秋留野」魅力,一起發送到世界各地吧! ========================

Schedule (*Interpreters will join this event)

行程 (*將有口譯工作人員同行)


● Day 1 (10:30 - 20:00)

· Autumn leaves hiking

· Workshop

· Local food & campfire

Accommodation: planned for the Nature Village lodge ● Day 2 (9:00 - 11:00)

★ Deeper experience of participants’ favorite courses

· Autumn leaves hiking

· Workshop

※Additional details about the event schedule and other information will be updated on this Facebook page accordingly.

●第1天(10:30 - 20:00)




住宿:深澤渓 自然人村(預定) ●第2天(9:00 ‐ 11:00)




※我們將在Facebook專頁發佈詳細日程和節目內容。 ========================

▼ Conditions for participation

▼ 參加條件


◎ Number of participants:Maximum 50 people.

※ Group participation is also welcomed

◎ Participation fee: Free


Day 1: Lunch and dinner, lodge for accommodation

Day 2: Breakfast

■ Regarding accommodation

Accommodation facilities: Nature Village ( http://shizenjin-mura.com/ )

※ Shared rooms in bungalows.

■ Means of transportation

Please come individually to the meeting place at the Musashi-Itsukaichi station.


Insurance and related is not included, please handle it on your own. Please note that we shall not be held liable for any injury and/or loss during the event.

◎ How to Participate:

<Non-Japanese> Click on the “Going” button on this event page. Our staff will then contact you for confirmation and to formalize the application.

※ Please note, this will be done on a first come first served basis.


Please refer to the Japanese version page of the event.

URL: https://questant.jp/q/Instameet_akiruno ◎What to bring: smartphone, cameras, rain gear, swimming suit, etc.

◎ About clothing:choose comfortable and quick dry clothing as you will be moving around often, and the weather can change abruptly.

◎ About clothing:choose comfortable and quick dry clothing as you will be moving around often, and the weather can change abruptly. ※ We will post other details on this page accordingly

◎參加人數: 50名 ※歡迎團體參加



1日目 早晚餐及住宿

2日目 早餐


※ 宿泊設施:自然人村( http://shizenjin-mura.com/ )

※ 為山間小木屋。








詳情請閱覽日文版活動專頁: https://questant.jp/q/Instameet_akiruno ◎攜帶品:攝影器材(照相機、智能電話等)、雨具等

◎服裝:由於參加者需在島上四處活動,加上可能會有天氣變化,請穿上方便的運動服裝參加。 ※有關其他詳細情況,將在本活動專頁上發佈


▼ Others

▼ 其他


・ English and Chinese language interpreter will join throughout the whole event. If any related questions, feel free to inquire about it.

・ In case of stormy weather, the event will be canceled. Final confirmation will be made by 2pm on 4th (Thu) October.

・ For cancelations, please contact us in advance.

・ Please prepare cash in advance, credit cards may not be accepted in the island. (please note that we will not exchange any currency) ・當天會有負責英語・國語口譯的工作人員同行。如有疑問,歡迎隨時向他們查詢。




・屆時可能無法使用信用卡,請準備好現金。(無法兌換紙幣) ========================

▼ Contact

▼ 查詢途徑


Contact us directly through this Facebook page




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